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Developing long-term real estate
projects in urban areas.

Developing long-term real estate projects in urban areas.

Sustainable & transparent.



IMFARR is a family business, owned by Nemat Farrokhnia, which specialises in real estate development and investment.

Since its founding in 2007 the company has focused on developing unique real estate projects in major Austrian and German cities, such as Vienna, Leipzig, Frankfurt and Munich.

The company structure and the particular expertise of the founders and the core team, enable IMFARR to realise complex projects and to adapt appropriately to changing market conditions.



ELEMENTUM is the largest new office project in Munich. Vis à vis from the main train station, two-thirds of the existing buildings and structural elements will be demolished in order to build a modern, state-of-the-art office building that combines maximum quality & efficiency with sustainability and the highest workplace quality.

300 underground parking spaces, charging stations for e-mobility, sharing points and 950 bicycle parking spaces enable mobility at the level of the future. No other modern office building offers comparably large coherent spaces in the center of Munich.

Image copyright © Herzog & De Meuron


Located at the center of Frankfurt’s banking district, the Silberturm is an unmistakable symbol of the metropolis’ economic power. It stands for security, a stable cash flow and – with the right strategy – offers potential for value enhancement. In the Deutsche Bahn AG it has a creditworthy, long-term tenant with a strong business strategy for the future.

Highlight Towers

Since their completion in 2004, the Highlight Towers, which can be seen from afar, have become a landmark of modern Munich. As well as the two office towers, 113- and 126-meters-high respectively, the ensemble also includes two plaza buildings that offer additional office space, and a seven-story hotel.

Due to the significant potential for value growth and the stable cash flow ensured by various blue- chip technology companies as anchor tenants, the Highlight Towers represent an attractive and future-proof investment.



In cooperation with the Bavarian capital Munich, a modern office building with Germany’s largest fully automatic parking garage (approx. 550 car-parking spaces) is to be constructed in the center of Munich.

It is intended to move the parking spaces to the basement levels, which will allow the erection of a high-quality building offering 12,500 m² of office/commercial space.

This measure allows local noise pollution & exhaust gas levels to be reduced and facilitates the creation of an overall more attractive building.


Offenbach – Omegahaus

IMFARR acquired the Omegahaus in the course of an international bidding process that took several months.

The remarkable building, which consists of four parts, will be refurbished in close cooperation with the City of Offenbach/Main. The project offers up to 82,000 m² gross floor area and will be developed for a broad range of potential tenants.

Completion is planned for spring 2023.


Leipzig 416

Under the title “Leipzig 416”, the City of Leipzig is working together with the company Leipzig 416 GmbH on the development of a new part of the city, in which a GFA of 350,000 m² is to be created.

In the next few years, a green quarter is to be built on the area along Delitzscher Straße / Eutritzscher Straße. As well as a residential development the aim is also to provide commercial space. To realise this ambitious project we are working together with local engineers and many other regional businesses.


Quartier Lassalle

IMFARR is developing the two properties, which are located close to the city center and have convenient transit connections. The buildings will be extensively refurbished, creating high-quality office space. The roof-top level of Lassallestraße 1 will also be extended to provide an additional 3,000 m². The original facades by internationally acclaimed architect Wilhelm Holzbauer are to be preserved.

With a gross floor area of around 120,000 m², the two properties offer intelligent office concepts and excellent connections to the urban infrastructure.


MH 47

The location at the beginning of the Mariahilfer Straße, Austrias longest shopping street, benefits the property in terms of a lively neighborhood, modern retail and optimal connections to public transportation (U3 and the planned U5). The building is characterized by its representative, historical appearance dating back to the start of the 20th century, in the typical Viennese architecture style of that time. The high frequency and its central location make the project an attractive spot for a wide range of tenants.

The property offers a total lettable area of ca. 16,000 m² and is almost fully let. On reaching full occupancy, MH 47 will achieve an annual rent of ca. €5.5m.


Nestlé Areal

The Nestlé Campus offers an opportunity to create an attractive district development with the core functions office space and housing.

Currently, the site consists of five buildings. The iconic, dominant Nestlé-House, built as the German headquarters of this food and drink group, was designed purely as an office building. Following Nestlé’s scheduled relocation, the structure and the nature of the building fabric will offer ideal conditions for a core refurbishment and for the realization of modern state-of-the-art office concepts. The available reserve of building land allows expansion concepts to be implemented.

100 EAST

This exceptional urban development project near Munich’s trade fair focuses on sustainable commercial real estate with a contemporary design. On a project site measuring approx. 8 hectares it is planned to build around 190,000 m² of floor space. In cooperation with the City of Munich, a comprehensive, sustainable urban model is to be developed, which will significantly enhance the eastern part of Munich.

The project is characterized by its excellent location on the newly emerging development axis in the east of Munich and has the potential to become a local “landmark”.


Nemat Farrokhnia

Nemat Farrokhnia, the owner of the IMFARR Group, began his career in a London investment bank where he advised on various M&A transactions in the real estate sector. In 2007, Mr Farrokhnia founded IMFARR Beteiligungs GmbH, in which, as Managing Partner, he is responsible for the group’s strategy.

Nematollah Farrokhnia

Nematollah Farrokhnia held leading positions in the Austrian construction company STRABAG for over 30 years and made an important contribution to the company’s development. He was Global CEO of the Renaissance Group and also served on the PORR Group’s Supervisory Board. He contributes his immense knowledge and wide-ranging experience as Senior Technical Advisor.

Josef Ostermayer

Josef Ostermayer is Managing Director of IMFARR Beteiligungs GmbH. Having worked for many years in the City of Vienna housing construction department, he later became Cabinet Head in the Ministry of Transport, State Secretary in the Federal Chancellery, and Federal Minister of Arts, Culture, Constitution and Media. He was government coordinator for several years and, most recently, Chairman of the Board of Sozialbau AG, as well as managing director and member of the supervisory board in several other companies.

Matthias Euler-Rolle

Matthias Euler-Rolle is a shareholder in IMFARR Beteiligungs GmbH. After working for almost 20 years in media & communications, in 2013 he switched to politics, where he was a spokesman for Austria’s Federal Chancellery. Since 2016 he has been running various types of companies together with Austria’s former prime minister, Werner Faymann.

Ernst Gassner

Ernst Gassner, Managing Director of the IMFARR Group, has more than 24 years of experience in real estate finance, development and management. He started his career in the banking sector, later moving to the real estate sector. His work at UBM, where he spent over 10 years in leading positions, also deserves mention.

Michael Koschier

Michael Koschier manages the technical agendas of the IMFARR Group. With many years of experience in large-scale project development, he has been able to build up an impressive track record of more than 1,000,000 m² of developed floor space.

Jürgen Wöss

Jürgen Wöss, IMFARR’s Head of Corporate and Project Finance, has an impressive 16 years of banking experience and expertise. His previous activities have included leading various deal teams in capital market transactions, as well as structuring project financing.

Vitus Willeit

Vitus Willeit is IMFARR’s Head of Funding and has structured numerous financings for the IMFARR Group as well as led significant transactions in the credit and capital markets. Previously, he worked in banking and finance for over 17 years.

Christian Strauss

As Head of Real Estate Management & Legal, Christian Strauss is responsible for the transaction and asset management of the IMFARR Group. Prior to that, he directed the Real Estate Management of UniCredit Bank Austria AG for 13 years and, in addition to his work in Austria, also realized projects in CEE and for HVB in Germany.



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